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Domain Licensing Corporation is the exclusive monetization and sales entity for a 2,000+ domain name portfolio of one & two word generic domains & related intellectual property assets. In addition to domain name sales, we acquire, develop and launch internet-based businesses centered around our managed portfolios.
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Domain Names – Both Your Brand & Your Location

Domain Licensing Corporation has been in the internet marketing, web development, domain monetization and domain sales business since 1996. Domain Licensing helps organizations launch new destinations, products, publications, brands & businesses.
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If you are interested in discussing buying, selling or leasing domain names, joint ventures or other domain and development related business, please contact the transactional team at Domain Licensing Corporation. Call us at 626-584-2906 or follow the link below to send us a message.
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Portfolio Areas of Concentration

The portfolio we manage is focused in the areas of: Agriculture, Animal Health, Politics/Government, Music, Culinary/Cooking, Printing & online Media. We also have many media-plus domains that combine a valuable core keyword and a media type -- "blog", "journal", "show", "podcast" and "forum". These are perfect for naming blogs, apps, podcasts, shows or online communities.